Bullies from St Andrew’s Secondary School

Source: http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/youths-viral-video-attack-identified


(Screengrab: Bhai Hafiz Angullia/Facebook)

Just to inform parents of this terrible incident that occurred in Saint Andrew’s Secondary School. Apparently, this is not an isolated incident, it is quite an common occurence, it is even stated in Wikipedia: “After a series of bullying cases attracted attention in 2003, the school stated that the situation at St Andrew’s was no worse than at any other school, adding that bullies receive a stern warning; repeat offenders or those who injure others are caned and, ultimately, expelled.”

Do spread this post and comment on the original facebook page (with video): https://www.facebook.com/bhailaminate/videos/10210995333384134/. Parents who are choosing a secondary school for their child should also take note of this incident.

For this kind of extreme case, there is no need for the school to counsel/discipline the bullies anymore, just send them straight to Boys’ Home is the best thing to do.



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