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Math has been taught wrongly since young, either is boring, or scary, or mechanically (calculating). This lecture by Queen Mary College (U. London) Prof Cameron is one of the rare Mathematician changing that pedagogy. Math is a “Universal Language of Truths” with unambiguous, logical syntax which transcends over eternity.

I like the brilliant idea of making the rigorous Math foundation compulsory for all S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) undergraduate students. Prof S.S. Chern (Wolf Prize) after retirement in Nankai University (China) also made basic “Abstract Algebra” course compulsory for all Chinese S.T.E.M. undergraduates.

The foundations Prof Cameron teaches are centered around 4 Math Objects:

– Founding block of the 20th century modern math, made into world’s university textbooks which were influenced by the French “Bourbaki” school after WW1.

– A vision first proposed by the German Gottingen School’s greatest Math Educator Felix Klein, who said Function…

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