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MathFoundations (all videos):

All the Math we learn are taught as such by teachers and professors, but why so? what are the foundations ? These 200 videos answer them !

Good for students to appreciate Math and, hopefully, they will love the Math subject after viewing most of these 200 great videos.

Video 1: Natural Number This should be taught in kindergartens to 3-year-old kids.

◇ What is number ? (strings of 1s),
◇ Equal, bigger, smaller concepts are “pairing up” (1-to-1 mapping) two strings of 1s.
◇ Don’t teach the kids how to write first 12345…, without prior building these mathematical foundational concepts.
Video 106: What is a Limit ?

$latex displaystylelim_{xto a}f(x) = L
$latex forall varepsilon >0, exists delta >0 $ such that
$latex boxed{0<|x-a|<delta}
implies |f(x)-L|< varepsilon $

The above scary ‘epsilon-delta’ definition of “Limit” by the French mathematician Cauchy in…

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