Java Family

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YearVerCode NameDescription
19951.0 Java Applets
1977 1.1JavaEvent, Beans, Internationalization
Dec 19781.2Java 2J2SE, J2EE, J2ME, Java Card
2000 1.3Java 2J2SE 1.3
2002 1.4Java 2J2SE 1.4
2004 1.5Java 5J2SE 1.5
Nov 2006 6Java 6Open-Source Java SE 6. “Multithreading” by Doug Lea
May 2007OpenJDK free software
2010Oracle acquired Sun
Jul 20117Java 7“Dolphin”
Mar 20148Java 8Lambda Function

Javac: Java Compiler

Java Distributions:

1. JDK (Java Developer Kit )
◇JRE & Javac & tools

2. JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
◇ JVM & core class libraries
◇ Windows / Mac / Linux

Java is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP):
1. Class
public class Employee {

public int age;
public double salary;

public Employee () { [<– constructor with no arg]

public Employee (int ageValue, double salaryValue) { [<- constructor with args]


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