Grades should not define our kids

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Your grades do not define you,” said Mr Jack Cook.

That was Debbie’s defining moment.

Debbie, a perfectionist, always had the best academic results in her earlier years at school. However, when studying economics at junior college, she was thrown off balance.

Despite putting in more effort – hard work as well as getting extra coaching from her teacher, Mr Cook – Debbie just could not grasp the subject. She could not understand nor accept the poor grades she got for her economics examination. She felt ashamed and guilty, so much so that she avoided her teacher and did not visit the school after graduation.

A few years later, when Debbie heard that Mr Cook was retiring and leaving Singapore, she plucked up the courage to visit and bid him farewell.

Mr Cook greeted Debbie with a big smile and warmly welcomed her. She asked him sheepishly if…

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