Why every youth must encounter failure…

Source: https://www.newsghana.com.gh/why-every-youth-must-encounter-failure/

You can’t live without failure unless you live cautiously doing nothing. Even on that level, your failure is huge. The fatality of failure depends on the individual. You think failure has no benefit? This piece seeks to shed light on the need to embrace failure, learn from it and get better even after you have a warm encounter with it.

As toddlers strive to achieve their “shared goals” such as learning to walk, they fail 17 times per hour

To start with, failure tells us the steps we need to change in order to attain the glory/crown we are seeking. Failure in its real sense means a slip or missing the mark. The mark here is synonymous to the desired target, glory, crown, et al.

To miss the mark means the processes have not been followed thoroughly or you underestimated the importance of a step. Failing helps you to identify the needed change, process or action that will facilitate your reaching the desired goal.

Furthermore, failure helps us to attain the mental toughness and wisdom we need to succeed. Interestingly, the sensible learn from their failures. Failure helps to toughen our minds, broaden our perspectives and help us acquire some essential nuggets for life.

Many successfully acquired practical wisdom after haven failed once or twice. Failure enhances character formation hence positively affects how you respond to things that didn’t go your way. You have to develop a thick skin to make it through life. Life isn’t easy, it is complicated and has pains no matter your level of blessings. Therefore, we come to terms with this reality especially after our encounter with failure.

In reality, failure teaches you things about yourself you wouldn’t have otherwise known (self-discovery and true relationships). Thus in our failures, we are able to know the loyal friends and family members. There are times we either overestimate or underestimate our strengths. At such points, failure brings us back to a stage of self-discovery. You can’t know yourself and the quality of your relationship unless you have been tested by adversities of which failure is part.

Life is a series of detours. We may set our minds on determinations but the detours will show if we did or did not expect it before the destination. One thing we must know is that the world is full of competition and as such extra skills are necessary to strategize and make the best out of every situation.

Most often than not we make up stories to make ourselves feel okay for our failures. We should rather endeavor to focus stories, events, circumstances et al that have the potential to impact on us and cause us to act more positively. Significantly, the detours in life lead us to the destinations.

Being angry at the detours mean you aren’t ready for the destination. Toughen yourself, let us embrace our failures, learn from it and strive hard to apply the valuable lessons we have acquired to write a positive narrative for ourselves and our continent. Let us meet at the top!

By: Bernard Owusu Mensah
President of New Era Africa

Author: mathtuition88


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