Inspirational story: From EM3 and Normal (Technical) to PhD

Quite an inspirational story. Congratulations to these two students who have succeeded despite having a less than ideal start.

“We have to find our interest, put in our best effort and keep trying. After having come so far, it has made me believe that I can still carry on.”


Mr Ernest Tan, 28, a PhD student, never thought he would get this far.

The former EM3 and Normal (Technical) student did not bother studying much as he had no interest in the subjects he was doing.

But it all changed in his two years at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) as a student in Communications Technology.

He said: “I played a lot of computer games then so I didn’t mind learning more about computers.”

His interest pushed him to believe that he could continue into polytechnic, where he eventually earned a Diploma in Computer Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

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