Differences in New H2 Math Syllabus (9758)

H2 Math has undergone a revamp to the new syllabus (Subject Code 9758).

So what are the differences between the new syllabus and the old syllabus (Subject Code 9740)?

Main Differences:

  1. Removal of Mathematical Induction
  2. Removal of Recurrence relation
  3. Removal of Loci (Complex Numbers)
  4. Removal of Poisson distribution
  5. Removal of normal approximation to binomial distribution
  6. The new H2 Math Syllabus specifically mentions the importance of the modulus function in inequality.

Most of the changes are actually removal, which means the new syllabus covers less content than the previous syllabus. Many of the topics are being moved to Further Math.

Despite the removal of material, students are advised to study beyond the syllabus and keep an open mind since the concepts will be useful in further studies.

Author: mathtuition88


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