Try your best. Even if you don’t hit your mark, you’ll be near the mark and that’s all you can hope for in life.


Excerpts from this well written article:

Try your best. Even if you don’t hit your mark, you’ll be near the mark and that’s all you can hope for in life.

I’ve been knocked down in life, but I’m still close to where I want to be. I like writing and I hope to write a book some day. Trying to do something is not as bad as Yoda made it sound to be. “Do or do not there is no try,” Yoda said. Wrong Yoda. Trying is good for a person.

I think life is a bundle of different things. A couple of years ago, an evangelist came to my church and he said the worries we’ve got are first-world problems. Something I needed to hear. He said (most of us) are not worried about eating, where we’ll lay our heads at night or if we’ll be warm. Now, I realize that there are people in our community that are struggling, but for most of us with jobs and a roof over our heads what we’re looking at and what we spend most of our time struggling with are first-world problems. What are first world problems? First-world problems are the worries and cares of this world, in my humble opinion. We get caught up worrying to death about our jobs, whether we’ll do well on an exam or if our performance in the sports arena will land us the next big sign on.

We can’t get lost in this or we’ll miss life’s precious moments. The time with friends, the time with grandparents are little moments we don’t think about as we pass through our ordinary days. I urge you to spend time with those who are closest to you. You may spend a lifetime regretting not spending time with those you love because you became caught up in the rat race of life.

King Solomon said all is vanity and chasing after the wind. I’d say that aside from saving souls, he’s right. We want more. We get more. We want more again. Most of us are middle class, struggling with life’s issues. A bad boss, an angry customer, a student who’s on the edge of giving up. These things are all shaping us. Making us better. Gearing us up for the next round. Life’s a race, the bible says. Let us run with endurance the race placed before us.

Is your heart in your race? Are you in the wrong race? Do you just want to give up and throw in the towel. Maybe you’re way behind the race and you feel like you’ll never get to the end. Everyone is running the race of life. Encourage those who you’re running with. Help pick up those who’ve stumbled during the race. A lot of times it’s not what place you finish in the race, but how you ran the race. Integrity, helping others, putting others before yourself — those are the keys to truly winning the race at hand.

Author: mathtuition88

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