Professor Writing Math Equations Suspected for being Terrorist

This is quite hilarious.

Sample of what the professor Guido Menzio was scribbling.


Italian Ivy League economist pulled off flight and interrogated for ‘mysterious’ scribblings flagged up by another passenger… which turned out to be MATH

  • Guido Menzio, 40, was on a flight from Philadelphia to Syacuse 
  • The UPenn professor was solving a differential equation during boarding
  • His seatmate told an American Airlines attendant she was too ill to travel
  • But after she was escorted off the plane, she revealed her suspicious 
  • Menzio was questioned about his ‘cryptic’ notes before he was allowed to get back on the plane, delayed by two hours  
  • While one traveller thought he looked like a terrorist, another person in an airport mistook him for Sean Lennon and asked for an autograph

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1 Response to Professor Writing Math Equations Suspected for being Terrorist

  1. LispMobile says:

    Same story happened to Sophus Lie the Norwegian mathematicIan who was arrested by French police as a German spy during the 1870 Franco-Prussian War, because Lie scribbled some strange symbols suspected to be the secret military codes. You can’t blame the police, Lie mathematics (Lie Group) was also incomprehensible to even mathematicians — it was a totally new math invented by Lie.

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