Rock-Paper-Scissors 石头 – 剪刀 – 布

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A Chinese Mathematician Figured Out How To Always Win At Rock-Paper-Scissors – (Business Insider)

This is “Game Theory” demonstrating the Nash Equilibrium.
Very good to understand the “Kia-Soo” (Singlish means: 惊(怕)输 “afraid to lose”) syndrome of Singaporeans.

To win this game and beat the “kia-soo” mentality — 反其道而行 Adopt the reverse way of the opposition’s anticipated kia-soo way 🙂

Key points:
(1). Sequence : “R- P -S” or (中文习惯) “石头 – 剪刀 – 布”;
(2). Winner tends to stay same way in next move;
(3). Loser likely to switch to the next step in the Sequence (1).

In business,
(2) is where big conglomerates like IBM , HP, Sony, Microsoft etc lose because they stay put with the same strategy (Corporate Data Center, Sell thru Channel distributors with mark-up, CD/DVD music… ), and products (Mainframes, Servers, PC, CRT-TV, Packaged software…) which brought them to success but never…

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