Hardest JC Maths Paper (Prelims/Promos)

Just heard from some sources that AJC (Anderson Junior College) Math papers are considered the most difficult of all JCs, beating RI/HCI in terms of difficulty.

Do check out this page on how to calculate JC Ranking points.


AJC might have the most challenging Math papers, but that doesn’t equate to having the best math results. Other schools do better (RI/HCI)

From: http://forums.sgclub.com/singapore/ajc_good_jc_386546.html

H2 Maths this year was quite easy for both paper 1 & 2. It is definitely no where of the standard of AJC Maths Exam Papers, which are famously known for very challenging questions.

From: http://doggy94-in-air.blogspot.sg/

Author: mathtuition88


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