#SG50 Singapore’s Birthday (National Day Song)

This year’s national day song is being sung by JJ Lin, a very famous Singaporean songwriter and artiste who has become famous in China and Taiwan.

Hope you enjoy the song and music video! JJ Lin’s vocals are indeed very good, and for him to sing the national day song is really a good thing.

From an educational perspective, one thing special about Singapore is Singapore Math. I have written a very long article on what is Singapore Math, and the benefits of Singapore Math, and also some key books that exemplify the techniques of Singapore Math.

Hope that more and more people can appreciate and utilise Singapore Math for the benefit of their students and children! Singapore Math is the key secret that has led Singapore to progress up in the educational rankings, especially in early education stages. Students and parents all over the world, including the United States, have been using Singapore Math syllabus to great success.

For readers who are interested to learn more about Singapore Math, do check out some of my earlier blog posts on Singapore Math:


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