Building a strong career in Internet Marketing

Hope this post is useful for students considering studying marketing in the future!

Building a strong career in Internet Marketing

If you want to break into the internet marketing field, there’s no time like the present. According to research, the amounts dedicated to digital marketing in enterprises of all sizes will steadily increase over the course of the next few years.

The internet marketing field is rather wide, and you’ll have to choose one or two areas you’re most comfortable with, but for all of these fields, the requirements for you in order to build a strong career and hence prove your worth to prospective clients and employers will mostly be the same.

The following is a list of five things you can do to distinguish yourself as an Internet marketing consultant, given by key players in the industry:

  • Marketing experience

A diploma or degree in a marketing related field will only go so far in honing your skill as a marketer; the more valuable education is the more experience you’ll gain working different cases out in the field. Most clients and employers look for candidates who have noteworthy marketing experience, so start building your expertise as soon as possible.

While in college, take up jobs and internships that will allow you to apply your classroom education and be involved hands-on in any marketing campaigns that come around you, no matter how small. Search for internships to occupy your holiday times while you are in school, so that you create for yourself an advantage over other recent graduates once you’re churned out into the job market.

  • Understand the field

Read everything you can in the field of Internet marketing that interests you: trends and statistics, new technologies, news, terminologies, metrics etc. You should also have a good working knowledge of all the metrics and analytical tools that are applied to the measurement of the efficacy of your campaign.

There are many methods of measuring effectiveness, so you should know as many as you can, and where each can be applied in order to add value to your client’s projects and campaigns.

  • Have an online presence

Create for yourself a vibrant online presence because all your clients will look into that before taking you on. Employers are also likely to choose the candidate with the stronger online presence when they have matching qualifications. Build your personal online brand as this may also be effective if you want to launch out and begin your own Internet marketing gig.

  • Jack of all trades, master in one

It’s good to know a little something about every field of internet marketing, but it’s better to have one or two fields that you know inside out. Distinguish yourself in areas of greatest interest, but know where and how you can find assistance in any other field if the need for it arises in the course of handling your employer’s or client’s businesses.

Begin by dipping your foot into the practical and basic aspects of everything, and then narrow down to the one you’re performing the best at.

  • Peer reviews and networks

Take advantage of all opportunities to build your knowledge and networks. Engage with peers in career fairs, conferences and other meet-up forums, and exchange ideas and experience. Also take advantage of such gathering to evaluate your work and gain tips on how they can be improved. Jealously nurture your offline relationships as you do the online relationships.

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