Tuition News: Tuition for toddlers – necessary or over the top?

Tuition for toddlers – necessary or over the top?

Is tuition for toddlers necessary? Some food for thought.

As a tutor, I always try to value add and teach students something that is not taught in schools, for example tips or tricks in Math, or methods to check for careless mistakes.

Also certain key concepts may not be taught in school, even in elite schools. Many students, including students from the elite Nanyang Girls’ High School or ACS(I), have no idea initially that the discriminant b^2-4ac has something to do with the quadratic formula \displaystyle\frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}. After my explanation though, they are enlightened, and finally can understand why b^2-4ac<0 means that the quadratic has no real roots! 🙂

A good tutor can help find out what the student does not know, and teach to fill in the gaps of knowledge. Without a tutor, often a student does not know what he/she does not know! (until the exam comes)

A Maths exam is not an IQ test! It is a test of knowledge and preparation, whoever is more prepared (whether through tuition or self-studying) will get more marks.

Tuition, in the right format and spirit, is actually something good. Aristotle, the philosopher, was a tutor to Alexander the Great, one of the greatest kings that ever lived.

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File Photo of Children attending preschool/kindergarten AFP News/AFP File Photo – File Photo of Children attending preschool/kindergarten

As his tutor flashed one flashcard after another to him, little Gabriel Tan glanced longingly towards the door.

A sharp look from his mother put him back in focus, and he obediently repeated the words on the flashcards.

“Can I go to the playground now, mummy?” asked the little boy hopefully.

“No, you have to do your memory exercises next,” said his tutor, pre-empting the mother’s reply, and the boy’s face fell again.

Gabriel is only three years old, but he has been receiving hour-long tuition lessons three times a week after his nursery classes so that he can “keep up” when his mother finally enrolls him at the coveted primary school she is an alumnus of – Nanyang Primary.

“I don’t think he is very smart, so to make up for that, he has extra tuition…

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