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Please use the above link directly!

Chinese Tuition


Main website at: http://chinesetuition88.wordpress.com/

Tutor: Ms Gao (高老师)

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Startutor is Singapore’s most popular online agency, providing tutors to your home. There are no extra costs for making a request. Tutors’ certificates are carefully vetted by Startutor. (Website: http://startutor.sg/request,wwcsmt)

Please use the above link directly!

Our Math Tutor is currently pursuing further studies, and unable to teach tuition. Sincere apologies!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks for liking my post “Should Parents Help With Homework?” at education-spring.com. You are absolutely correct about teachers and parents cultivating a passion for math. Students improve when they see that math is all around us, too. Good luck and hope you visit my blog again! Kathy from Boston, MA

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