Free Exam Papers / Free Test Papers

Free Exam Papers / Free Test Papers

I have compiled some links on Free Exam Papers and resources that I use when I source for questions for my Maths Tuition students to practice. (Free Exam Papers Links to be found below) The content below is arranged in the order: Free Primary Exam Papers, Free Secondary / O Level Exam Papers, Free JC / A Level Exam Papers.

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For purchasing Exam Papers, I recommend going to Bras Basah Complex, where many shops sell Exam Papers, as well as Ten Year Series (second hand).

Below are some resources where you can download free exam papers, majority are in PDF format. Traditionally, the easiest exam papers to find are Secondary 4 ‘O’ Level, as well as JC2 ‘A’ Levels. It is harder to find Secondary 1/2 exam papers, as well as JC1 Promo Exam papers.

Free Exam Paper / Free Test Paper Links:


1) Free Exam Paper (Primary) Link 1

Excellent website for downloading free exam papers for primary level. Highly recommended.

2) Free Exam Paper (Primary) Link 2

Click on “Test Paper Database ” on the Left Navigation Panel. Many exam papers in PDF format. Login is necessary though.

3) Free Chinese Exam Papers

Free Chinese (CL/HCL) exam papers in PDF format available in the source above.

O Levels


This tuition site currently has quite an extensive collection of O Level A-Math and E-Math school papers.

2) Free Exam Paper (O Levels) Link 2

10 Sets of Prelim Free Exam Papers (A Maths)


A treasure trove of school papers (multiple subjects including English, Biology, Chemistry, Combine Science, History, Geography and even Literature). Needs login to download.

A Levels

1) Free Exam Paper (A Levels) Link 1

JC H2 Maths Prelim Free Exam Papers

2) Free Exam Paper (A Levels) Link 2

Personally crafted free Maths practice Question Sets for all students/educators (A Level Maths Resource Site)


A treasure trove of JC H1 and H2 school papers (multiple subjects including GP, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and even Economics). Needs login to download.


This weirdly titled Google Drive (“Electric Boogaloo”) contains a mega-database of JC Prelim papers for most if not all subjects, even esoteric subjects like “Theatre Studies and Drama”. Exam papers ranges from H1 to H3, and from the years 2008 to 2019.

Recommended Tip for finding Free Exam Papers

Also, feel free to check out my post on Using Google “filetype” filter to search for Free Exam Papers.

Also, do check out:

Other Subjects Free Exam Papers


25 thoughts on “Free Exam Papers / Free Test Papers”

  1. thanks very much for the exam papers. Do you have IP exam paper as well? My ds in Sec 2 IP programme, appreciate a lot if you can provide…


      1. thank you so much for the prompt reply. But after entering the link provided, sign in is required before viewing the page…. Can you help on this?


      2. Hi, it seems like now sign in is required. You can check out some of the O Level Free Test Papers, hope it helps. There is some overlap between the O Level and IP syllabus.


  2. Hi it seems like the papers cannot be downloaded. When I click the links, it leads me to a page that shows “You need permission”. Can you authorize me pls?


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