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Imaginary Erdős Number: What is that?

Students studying Mathematics at university will sooner or later hear of the famous eccentric Mathematician Paul Erdos, and the concept of Erdos Number. People who have written a paper with Erdos have a Erdos number of 1. People who have … Continue reading

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What Maths do Engineers Learn: Singapore Engineering Maths (University) Tuition

Some of the Maths topics that Engineering Students need to learn are: Fourier Series Laplace Transform Total and Partial Differentiation Line Integral All the above topics are rather challenging and deep. Fortunately, for most engineering students, application of the theorems … Continue reading

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Happy Teacher’s Day!

Glad to receive some Teacher’s Day cards and presents from my students! Wishing all teachers a happy Teacher’s Day this Friday, and also wishing students all the best for their upcoming exams. Featured book: A Mind For Numbers: How to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Topology, James R. Munkres

Topology (2nd Edition) This book is the best introductory book on Topology, an upper undergraduate/graduate course taken in university. I have written a short book review on it. Excerpt: Book Review: Topology Book’s Author: James R. Munkres Title: Topology Prentice … Continue reading

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