Monster Group

Check out this Youtube video on the Monster Group (related to Group Theory, a branch in Mathematics)

In the mathematical field of group theory, the monster group M or F1 (also known as the FischerGriess monster, or the Friendly Giant) is a group of finite order. (See Wikipedia:

Featured book:

The Symmetries of Things

This book is written by John Conway, one of the mathematicians who worked on the Monster Group. Rated highly on Amazon.

Start with a single shape. Repeat it in some way—translation, reflection over a line, rotation around a point—and you have created symmetry.

Symmetry is a fundamental phenomenon in art, science, and nature that has been captured, described, and analyzed using mathematical concepts for a long time. Inspired by the geometric intuition of Bill Thurston and empowered by his own analytical skills, John Conway, with his coauthors, has developed a comprehensive mathematical theory of symmetry that allows the description and classification of symmetries in numerous geometric environments.

This richly and compellingly illustrated book addresses the phenomenological, analytical, and mathematical aspects of symmetry on three levels that build on one another and will speak to interested lay people, artists, working mathematicians, and researchers.