Best Jobs in the World mostly related to Maths?

Students in school are advised to practice their Math! It turns out many of the best jobs in the 21st Century are related to Maths. Even if you are not thinking of becoming a Mathematician, it is good to know your Quadratic Equations well. Math may prove useful when you need it in your job!


Want one of the best jobs in the nation? Then do the math — and do a lot of it. According to a new report, mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries are now three of the four best jobs to be had.

The report ranks 200 jobs each year based on a number of criteria, including income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands. Mathematician, this year’s No. 1 job, and statistician, No. 3, both jumped up 17 places from last year’s ranking. Actuary, last year’s winner, fell to No. 4, while tenured university professor took second place on the new list.

Mathematicians came in first because demand for people who can do statistical analysis is growing in all business sectors. That need is expected to lead to a 23 percent increase in demand by 2022. As you might expect, the pay isn’t too bad. Last year, mathematicians earned a median annual salary of $101,360.

“In today’s data-driven economy, math skills unlock a world of career opportunities,” Tony Lee, CareerCast’s publisher said in a statement. “In fact, the outlook for all STEM careers is very positive, as evidenced by many of this year’s best jobs — mathematician, statistician, actuary, software engineer and computer systems analyst.”


Why Choose a Mathematics-Related Profession ?

Mathematics teaches patience, discipline, and step-by-step problem-solving skills. For those with a substantial background in mathematics, an unlimited number of career opportunuities are available. According to Jobs Rated Almanac , a 1990 publication of World Almanac Books of New York, NY, careers that require a very strong background in mathematics were listed as the five “best” jobs. They were :

  • software engineer
  • actuary
  • computer systems analyst
  • computer programmer
  • mathematician


Another day, another reason to get better at math.

It’s no secret that quantitative skills are in high demand on the job market—one analytics recruiter recently told The Journal that workers who can’t crunch numbers may ultimately face a “permanent pink slip.”

Now, a new ranking from the job-search website names mathematician as the best occupation of 2014. “Math skills unlock a world of career opportunities,” publisher Tony Lee said. (Cue the Square One theme, and tune in Mathnet.)

Data whizzes of all stripes fared well in the annual list: Statisticians (No. 3), actuaries (No. 4) and computer systems analysts (No. 8) all landed near the top.

Mathematicians pull in a midlevel income of $101,360, according to, and the field is expected to grow 23% in the next eight years. Other high earners include actuaries and software engineers, who can expect to earn about a midlevel income of $93,000 per year.

Speaking of math, the list is tallied by scoring 200 types of jobs according to four categories: environment, which rates things like competitiveness; income at low, middle, and high career positions; the outlook for income and employment growth; and stress factors such as travel and deadlines.

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