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Notes on Coordinate Geometry by Hwa Chong Institution

Coordinate Geometry Notes Source: Check out these Formulas for: Distance between 2 points Midpoint between 2 points Gradient Formulas and more at Featured book: The Ultimate book of Formulas (2000+ Formulas!) Schaum’s Outline of Mathematical Handbook of Formulas … Continue reading

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HCI Confession Page Math Joke

Source: “Today I asked the girl I like on FB to help me do math prob 9x-7i>3(3x-7u) 9x-7i>9x-21u -7i>-3(7u) -i>-3u = i<3u but she go put the ans as 3u>i ruining my whole plan T.T” -HCJC Student (M) Math … Continue reading

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