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Fail H2 Maths Promos or Prelims

For H2 (or H1) Maths students who are getting low marks for internal school exams, do not be overly discouraged. The current trend for schools is to set very tough internal exams (i.e. Promos and Prelims) to spur students to … Continue reading

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H2 Maths Distinction Rate (Percentage of As)

H2 Mathematics has one of the highest distinction rates of all subjects (around 50% each year). This means that around half of all Singaporean A level candidates score an A for H2 Maths! H2 A Level Distinction Rates Compilation (National … Continue reading

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Integration by Substitution (H2 Maths Tuition)

This is a 1 page article prepared by me for students to learn how to do Integration by Substitution, a very useful technique that can integrate many functions. This is especially useful for students taking H2 Maths, as it is … Continue reading

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