7 Best article rewriter to use in 2021 [Free & Paid]

You might hear that “CONTENT IS KING” but it is only when it is unique. This content can help you to fulfill your requirements.

For instance, the students can spin the assignments when getting out of the ideas and similarly, the bloggers can spin the blog posts if found with plagiarism.

There are numerous article rewriters that are available for free over the internet but not all the rewriters are capable of having efficient working to meet your expectation.

Below, we have reviewed 10 article rewriters that are effective in spinning or rewriting your document.

1.   WordAi

One of the top-ranked and most efficient article rewriters is WordAi. The WordAi is based on modern technology including artificial intelligence which makes the rewriting better.

Some of the best features of the WordAi are mentioned below:

  • This article rewriter/paraphraser creates the content that is enriched in human-readable and this way, the content becomes appropriate for the SEO
  • It is one of the popular tools for rewriting because it helps individuals to spin the article in bulk
  • It uses artificial intelligence to find the relation between the sentences and this way, it generates the new article at its best
  • It integrates the plagiarism checker “CopyScape” to directly checks the plagiarism once the article is rewritten
  • Comparable to the efficiency of its working, this price of this website is quite affordable and most of the students are already using it for their assignments and thesis

There are different options for spinning your article on this tool. For example, it features the options of very readable, readable, unique, very unique.

The tool would create the content according to your selected option and there is no limitation of words on any of the options.

2.   Prepostseo article rewriter


Prepostseo not only offers article rewriter instead it offers several other SEO and education tools. An article rewriter is one of the famous tools that this website offers and this tool is amongst the best in the market.

The most amazing fact about this tool is that it offers free usage to all without any limitations. This is the reason why most freelancers, students, marketers, and bloggers love this website.

Below, we have mentioned some of the best features of this online tool that makes it efficient and between the top.

  • The article rewriter of this website has different variations including Simple, Advance, and Beta (based on artificial intelligence)
  • The artificial intelligence version of this tool is quite efficient because it generates content that is highly readable and it improves the sentence structure thus selecting a more effective selection of words
  • There are different options for adding the content for rewriting including pasting the content, uploading from the device, and cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive)
  • This article rewriter is also usable through an android article rewriter for free
  • Once you rewrite an article, it will allow the user to change the selection of words by entering the word of your own or selecting the word by the suggestion of the tool
  • The working of this tool is amazing as it keeps the original meaning of the writing

The article rewriter doesn’t require any registration nor it requires any subscription. This tool is accessible instantly and without any cost. The user doesn’t need to enter the details for the credit card instead they just need to open the tool and enter their text to proceed.

3.   Spin Rewriter


The Spin rewriter is another amazing article rewriter that works for changing the majority of the words of a context along with the maintenance of the content.

The Spin Rewriter tool is famous because of the ELN technology which helps to offer unique content when you spin the original content.

This technology makes the spinning more efficient and meaningful. For instance, when you enter the text into the tool, it will change most of the words of the content but it will not change the actual thoughts of the content.

The Spin Rewriter is the favorite tool for marketers and businessmen. Not only this, it converts the complex sentences into a human-readable tone which makes it according to the search engine as well as easy to understand for all types of readers.

This tool is not free instead but it’s not too expensive. The plan of this tool starts from the=$47/month while you can also buy the permanent subscription by paying $495 for just a single time.

4.   Chimp Rewriter (Desktop Version)


This is another amazing article rewriter tool that works based on artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. The Natural Language processing of this tool makes this tool easy to understand your writing and then convert it into a fresh copy.

The rewritten articles from this tool contain the same ideas that of the original article and this way, this tool doesn’t affect the quality of your writing. Instead, it increases the quality by selecting the best words for maintaining the meaning as well as improving the understanding of the writing.

The Chimp Rewriter supports almost all languages and this tool is popular worldwide. Whether you are willing to remove the plagiarism or you are wishing to have more effective writing, you can easily use this rewriting tool.

The tool is supportive to rewriter and along with that, you can instantly clear all the grammar mistakes in your writing.

The chimp rewriter is not a free tool nor it offers a free trial. To use this, there are two pricing plans including $15/month and $99/year.

5.   Ai Article Spinner


Ai Article Spinner is another tool for rewriting and the most amazing part of this tool is that it is an entirely free tool for everyone. Whether you wish to rewrite thousands of pages, this tool will help you without spending a penny.

This tool has joined the market of artificial intelligence as they have integrated the AI-Based algorithms for making qualitative content for the original writing.

With this tool, you can easily generate content that is plagiarism-free and holds the same meaning as it had in the original context.

There are three modes of rewriting including Good, Better, and Best. This article rewriter is worth it for the bloggers and marketers because this tool features the improvement in the sentence structure.

Not only the sentence structure, but it also replaces the words with the most appropriate synonyms, and this way, it keeps the original ideas of the writing.

6.   The Best Spinner 4


The Best Spinner 4 is a premium tool that offers different unique features for all types of professionals. The Best Spinner 4 have a built-in seed and PLR articles which makes it more efficient for the one that has to produce more article in less time.

It not only makes your content unique but also helps to get some high-quality pictures relevant to your article as a bonus. These pictures can be used for any purpose and you won’t face any copyright issues.

The Best Spinner 4 is best for the one that works for content production. For example, this tool also features the conversion of text to audio.

The accuracy of this spinner is quite high because it generates better revision by using the latest technology.

7.   Spinner Chief


The most amazing thing about Spinner chief is the availability of an article rewriting tool for the online web version as well as for downloading on Desktop.

The most unique feature of this application is that it offers team collaboration with the help of the Team collaboration version of this tool.

With the option of importing the file into multiple formats including DOC or TXT. It also features the grammar checker along with the rewriting tool while all of the grammatical errors are cleared automatically.

For web owners, this application also features the API which can be integrated with a lot of tools or websites.

This tool also offers a free trial, as well as the newly launched version (Spinner chief 6), which is available for just $6. The premium packages are quite affordable for students and bloggers. The packages start from $175 for lifetime usage.


What happens if you fail PSLE?

The PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) is a momentous event in the Singapore education system, where all Primary 6 (12 year old students) sit for the national exam that will determine their future secondary school (or even beyond, in the case of Integrated Programme).

PSLE is not everything

Despite the overall importance of PSLE, it has to be noted that PSLE is not everything. There are countless stories of late developers who later pursued successful careers, despite a bad PSLE Score.

Read about the miracle story of a student who scored 181 for PSLE (technically still a pass grade, but considered not so good), but later entered NUS Medicine, the most prestigious course in Singapore.

PSLE fail go where?

This seems to be a frequently asked question. There are still many options, one of them is NorthLight School, which was featured in the Straits Times. NorthLight School is a specialized school that takes in students who fail their PSLE. Each year, the intake of NorthLight School is around 200 students.

In 2009, Assumption Pathway School was also set up to take in students who fail PSLE, ensuring that students have a place to go to further their education.

After graduating from NorthLight School or Assumption Pathway School, around 45% of students go on to enter Institutes of Technical Education (ITE). After that, they can move on to Polytechnics.

What happens if you fail one subject in PSLE?

Unlike O levels, where there are quite severe consequences for failing critical subjects like ‘O’ level English or Maths, there is no penalty specifically for failing a certain PSLE subject.

According to experienced parents at Kiasuparents, the only problem of failing one subject in PSLE is that it will drag down the overall PSLE T-score. It has been estimated that failing one subject in PSLE would most likely cause the overall score to be below 200 (which can still enter many neighborhood secondary schools).

PSLE takes into account all 4 subjects. So even if you failed English or Chinese or any subject, it doesn’t matter. what matters is your combined score that determine whether you go express or normal academic.

Source: Kiasuparents

Hence, if the student does well for other subjects, it is not a big problem for failing one subject in PSLE, be it failing PSLE English, failing PSLE Chinese, or failing PSLE Math.

Bad PSLE results

It is actually quite rare to fail PSLE outright (around 98.4% of students pass and make it to secondary school). However, it is quite common to get a ‘bad’ PSLE results or a lower score than one expects.

When one gets a bad PSLE result, or fail PSLE (one or all subjects), the important thing for the student is not to get overly disheartened. It could well be the case that the student is a late developer, or that certain negative events out of the student’s control have impacted the student’s family, which resulted in the bad PSLE results.

Do check out this other inspirational story, of a student who scored 105 for PSLE, but later graduated from NUS with a Master of Architecture degree. The important thing is not PSLE grades (PSLE is not everything), but rather the character traits of a student such as being determined and hardworking.

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A Difficult Problem: Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet?

Watch this very inspirational video about learning.

When students encounter a difficult Math problem, there are two ways to approach it. Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet? The mindset the student adopts can make a huge difference in the learning effectiveness.

The key point is that there is great power of believing that you can improve. Adopting a growth mindset enables students to transcend their initial limitations and improve to a new level.

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