Climb Education: Mentoring you along your journey to success

Climb was founded to offer accessible online education across Australia to all students. Therefore, regardless of ethnicity, location, or socioeconomic status, all kids can receive quality, affordable education that will help them improve. Their journey to completing their independent adventure began through discussions about their simultaneous work lives as teachers in Australia and England.

As a teaching duo, we identified systemic problems within education by studying many of our students’ problems. Our call to action culminated in the development of Climb, a platform for solutions to the issues affecting mainstream education.

The Climb approach

The founders of Climb developed the curriculum due to what we observed in competitors’ give private lessons. Unlike the competition, Climb ensures each client’s learning experience is the best through a personalized sign-up consultation and a customized learning program.

At other companies, coaches are sometimes provided the big pond with hardly any instruction, but at Climb, they use recent developments and various approaches in the period classroom. The teachers are informed and acclaimed about approaches and educational strategies to encourage student progress.

To provide education that is accessible to everyone at a price that everyone can afford, Climb group session prices start at $25 per hour. Additionally, groups consist of 3 to 5 clients who hold equally sized positions, so every person will have the confidence to share their thinking. You can hear your mind in a group session of three clients.

Hand-picked education gurus

The way we structure our approach to education is holistic. Our mentors are not only teachers but coaches. Our coaches undergo a stringent vetting process to guarantee their consistency of values and the Climb Philosophy.

Each mentor has an educational record rating (having at least a 90 on the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank [ATAR]) of ninety-seven, excellent communication skills, a deep comprehension of the material, and the ability to empathize with the student. Every mentor Climb employs a valid and up-to-date Working with Children Check (WCC).

We are committed to servicing students between the ages of 7 and 12 for several grades, including HSC, VCE, TCE, and IB. We are a proud Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) member, which offers a code of conduct for all our lessons.

Premium education at an affordable price

Some individuals are restricted by price in that they pursue high-quality education. At Climb, we offer high-quality education at prices paired with our student-centric model. Ascent and Summit pricing is aimed at helping all skill-level learners gain the skills they need at prices that are accessible to all.


The Climb approach is a great way to get the best education without breaking the bank. By hand-picking education gurus and providing excellent education at an affordable price, they have made learning accessible to everyone. With this path in front of you, what you accomplish doesn’t matter. Become a part of the Climb to success today; don’t wait any longer!


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