Tuas Referral Code: RC73REF

Tuas Promo Code: RC73REF

Official Tuas Power Website: https://savewithtuas.com/

Enjoy the electricity bill savings, along with additional $20 bill rebate and the convenience of paying one SP Services bill!

Tuas Promo Code: RC73REF

After extensive research, I find that Tuas Power is one of the best alternative electricity suppliers. Especially after several electricity providers (e.g. Ohm, iSwitch) have shut down.

Choose either PowerFix (Fixed Rate) or PowerDo (Discount off Tariff) depending on your likings. I chose PowerFix 24 as I have a feeling that the tariffs may continue to rise in the future. PowerDo is also very good, and in fact better if tariffs drop.

Use this Tuas Referral Code to get $20 off: RC73REF

Tuas Power vs Geneco (Tuas is better)

Tuas Power’s rates are very similar to Geneco’s at the moment. Both are giving around 25.XX cents per kWh (with GST).

Do note that Tuas Power has 1% cashback with POSB Everyday Card! This lowers Tuas Power’s rates to be very similar and competitive with Geneco.

One big advantage of Tuas Power is that it has integrated SP Group billing. Meaning that all your bills (water + electricity + refuse collection) are consolidated into one document. It is very convenient for paying bills as well as keeping track of your expenses!

Tuas Power is incredibly convenient due to its integrated SP Group billing! Source: Tuas Website

For Geneco, there is no integrated SP Group billing, you will not be able to receive a hard copy bill, even if you want to pay for it. This can pose a problem for elderly folks who don’t know how to use the internet.

Geneco has no hardcopy bill. Source: Geneco Website

Use this Tuas Referral Code to get $20 off: RC73REF

Tuas Power vs Keppel Electric (Tuas is better)

Tuas Power Fixed Rate (25.68 cents per kWh) is currently cheaper than Keppel Electric (25.80 cents per kWh). This is before even taking into account that Tuas Power has 1% cashback with POSB Everyday Card.

Keppel Electric is not integrated with SP Group billing. You will “receive your electricity bill directly from Keppel Electric”, while “you will continue to receive bills from SP Group for other utilities such as water and gas”. This is not as convenient as Tuas Power’s integrated SP Group billing.

Use this Tuas Referral Code to get $20 off: RC73REF

Tuas Power vs SP Services (Tuas is better)

Tuas Power is currently much cheaper than SP Services.

Whether you choose Fixed Rate (Tuas PowerFix), or Discount off Tariff (Tuas PowerDo), they are all cheaper than SP Services.

Use this Tuas Referral Code to get $20 off: RC73REF

Tuas PowerFix (Fixed Rate) vs Tuas PowerDo (Discount off Tariff)

Nobody knows for sure whether the SP Tariff will rise or drop as it depends on a lot of complex factors including oil price, etc. However, currently there are a lot of issues with oil/gas supply worldwide, with many countries experiencing power shortages. Hence, it is reasonable to predict that electricity prices will continue to rise in the near future.

In conclusion, for the near future, Tuas PowerFix is likely to be better than Tuas PowerDo.

Historical SP Tariff (excluding GST). Source: SP Group

Use this Tuas Promo Code to get $20 off: RC73REF

Conclusion: Choose Tuas

Everyone should change a supplier in the open electricity market for savings. There are no drawbacks of doing so. In particular, there is no such worry of “blackouts” or “unreliable electricity supply” as SP group is still operating the national power grid.

Use this Tuas Promo Code to get $20 off: RC73REF


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