Princeton 《Calculus Lifesaver》

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This is a free video lecture series of the Princeton Math Textbook 《Calculus Lifesaver》(link for university non-math majors.

He explains the “funny” but smart Calculus basics : First & 2nd Fundamental Theorems of Calculus (by Newton’s co-inventor Leibniz), some how never taught in the 1970s GCE A level (now also ? ) bcos not Newton’s Anglo-saxxon invention. Neither the French textbooks teach so (bcos Leibniz was German ?). They only appear in pure American/German Calculus books.

“Funny” bcos by “1st Theorem” you could ‘d/dx’ any intergral to get the anti-derivative . Richard Feymann self-learnt this trick in High school to solve complex integrations.

Also why the “Coset” (+ C) is explained by the 2nd Theorem in this video.

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