Category Theory : “How to Make Pi”

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Dr. Eugenia Cheng – Professor of Category Theory (Chicago University)

Author of the Best Selling Category Book Book : (for readers from 7-year-old to high school and undergraduate students)

How to Bake Pi ?- an Edible Exploration to the Mathematics of Mathematics”

[Loan from NLB(eg. AMK Branch)]


  • Factors of 30 = {2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 30} which form a Cube with these factors as the vertices.
  • Knots
  • Bach music
  • Associativity: (sugar + milk + egg )
  • Button cake = order 2 group (0,1)
  • Bed mattress = rotate, flip, flop
  • Icosahedral virus


Best Technical Category Theory Book (2016) by Tom Leinster (Cambridge Press): “Basic Category Theory”

(Free downloadfrom arxiv)

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