Free tutoring app for peer-tutoring

Do try out the new app AsknTeach. Quite a good idea, the app creator reportedly invested more than $100,000 to $200,000 into it.

Only problem I can foresee is that overall quality of answers may not be that good, since it is by peer students, also the engagement rate may not be high. The same problem may occur: more people asking questions than answering.

That being said, if the top echelon of students can be motivated to answer it, the quality of answers will be great. E.g., the top secondary school students are easily at JC level or beyond, they can easily answer questions at their level.


One of the founders of free tutoring app EduSnap is back with a new peer tutoring app – AsknTeach.

Back in 2013, Mr Chia Luck Yong set up EduSnap as a social enterprise with two Singapore Management University schoolmates, Mr Anders Tan and Mr Shaun Tan, and launched the app the next year.

At the time, the free mobile platform drew attention as it positioned itself as the first of its kind helping Singapore students, and was reported about in major media outlets.

Author: mathtuition88

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