Singapore Math for  Primary School Kids

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Singapore scores the 2017 PISA Test World’s First in Math.

Below is the “Singapore Math” shown by an USA School adopting the pedagogy.

I had the opportunity to meet the inventor of the “Singapore Math” Prof Lee PengYee (李彝义) in a Math seminar at NUS few years ago, who said he took the inspiration of the ancient Chinese math 算术 (literary means “Counting Technique” sans Algebra), combined with the PolyaProblem Solving Methodology, with a visual tool called “The Model Diagram”.

Note that this pedagogy is based on concrete visualisation, while good for majority of young students to learn computation and problem solving, it doesn’t train the opposite skill in “abstractness” which is required in university Advanced Math, where the French, Russian and USA university students excel more than the Asian cohorts.

The Ideal Math Education for the next 22ndCentury:

Singapore Math (Computation for…

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