Some Math Connotations Demystified 数学内涵解密

Math Online Tom Circle

This Taiwanese Math Prof is very approachable in clarifying the doubts in an unconventional way different from the arcane textbook definitions. Below are his few key tips to breakthrough the “mystified”concepts :

1. “Dual Space“(对偶空间) : it is the evaluation of a “Vector Space”.

Example: A student studies few subjects {Math, Physics, English, Chemistry…}, these subjects form a “Subject Vector Space” (V), if we associate the subjects with weightages (加权) , say, Math 4, Physics 3, English 2, Chemistry 1, the “Weightage Dual Space” of V will be W= {4, 3, 2, 1}.

2. Vector: beyond the meaning of a physical vector with direction and value, it extends to any “object” which can be manipulated (抵消) by the 4 operations “+, – , x, / ” in a FieldF = {R or Z2 …}.

Eg. $latex alpha_{1}.v_{1} + alpha_{2}.v_{2} + alpha_{3}.v_{3}, forall alpha_{j} in…

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