Chinese Remainder Theorem History (韩信点兵)

I have written a guest post on on the very fascinating Chinese Remainder Theorem and its History (韩信点兵). Do check it out, you will be amazed at the genius of Chinese General Han Xin.

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In Ancient China, there was a General named Han Xin, who led an army of 1500 soldiers in a battle. An estimated 400-500 soldiers died in the battle. When the soldiers stood 3 in a row, there were 2 soldiers left over. When they lined up 5 in a row, there were 4 soldiers left over. When they lined up 7 in a row, there were 6 soldiers left over. Han Xin immediately said, “There are 1049 soldiers.”

Amazing! How did Han Xin do that?

Han Xin was not only a brilliant mathematician and general, he was also a very magnanimous guy full of wisdom.

Once, when he was suffering from hunger, he met a woman who provided him with food. He promised to repay her for her kindness after he had made great achievements in life, but it was rebuffed by her…

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