ST Yao丘成桐

Yao Sheng Tong (丘成桐) is the first Chinese (China – HK) who won the Fields Medal, he later also won the Wolf Prize after his PhD-thesis mentor SS. Chern (陈省身)。He is the first Chinese to head Harvard Math Faculty.

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丘成桐 (ST Yao 1949~) Fields Medal @1982 [33岁] proved Calabi Conjecture

1. 读私立 培正中学, 高中遇 好数学老师. @香港中文大学, 发觉 Math Beauty, ‘豁然开朗’.
2. Best Math student not necessary Mathematician, only sufficient!
3. 一名数学科学家 都应对 文学,哲学 这类 学科有基本的涉猎. 好的数学 使你体验到庄子讲的
“天地与我并生, 万物与我为一” 的境界
4. 成功 = 要有数学热情.
a. 深入思考
b. 在心中或纸上仔细研究
c. Find clues from book, till get answer.
d. 出题目给自己

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