A Journey of Mathematics 数学之旅

Math Online Tom Circle

Excellent free course for non mathematicians.

This Philosophical Math course has started half way but past videos are still hosted on the site.

The course is taught by prof Wang of Shanghai Jiaotong Technology University上海交通大学 (SJT), the Alma Mata of former China President Jiang (江泽民), Prime minister Chu (朱镕基), and Prof Qian XueSheng (钱学森) “The Father of Chinese Space and Missile” (China exchanged his country home return with USA FBI for 4 American generals from Korean War prisoners of War) who sent Chinese Taikongnauts (太空人) to space. 

SJT was formed initially as the ‘Classe Préparatoire’ (Bachelor degree, post-High school Prep-college) for graduate engineering to MIT,  while Qing Hua 清华 University was a prep-college for graduate Science/ Math to Harvard, Chicago, Cornell,  etc.

Go to Lesson 3: He explains from a game of Go what is “Space” in maths: Geometrical n-dimensional Space, Linear space, vector space.. why study functional space (in  which…

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