How to save money as a student

How to save money as a student

Education post: What tips/frugal tips would you give to an international student moving to Singapore?


As an international student, I assume your lodgings are taken care of, hence the bulk of your money will go to food and entertainment.

1. Eat at the university as much as possible

2. Eat at kopitiams rather than restaurants- and gives you a sense of the ‘authentic Singapore’, as it were.

3. Get this card. It gives you a 10% discount at every Kopitiam (the chain, not the general type of coffee shop). You can get back the deposit later.

4. Get second-hand textbooks. Sometimes, they have sales in the canteen. I got my marketing textbook for $5, and my biochemistry one for $20. Campbell and Reece went for $21. Genetics was $20, too, down from the original prices of $45-80.

5. Or don’t get textbooks at all. Go to the library.

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2 thoughts on “How to save money as a student”

  1. I’d been surprised how much cheaper the university food courts were even than the regular hawker centers (and those weren’t pricey either). It made it awfully easy to save money or, for me, eat more.


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